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About 7 Billion & Me


My name is Mark Moore.

I will be the primary author here at and will be writing about lots of things surrounding our life here on earth and beyond on a macro and individual level.

About Me

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I am a 40(ish) caucasian God and family loving man.  I grew up with a good family and have a comfortable job.  I have worked in the investment, commodities and insurance fields and still consult on an (almost) daily basis.  I have a deep love for philanthropy and much of this project is based on my personal thought process (and philosophies of others) in regards to giving and helping others while I am here on this Earth.

I realize that if you are reading this there is a good chance you come from a different culture, society or religious background than me.  That is OK!

I will be sharing my personal experiences and will do my best to convey and relate to the situations of all others.  I want to learn from you and interact with you on this site.

My life is driven by my love for God.  I am told to love everyone as my neighbor and to never judge others.   I humbly try my best to fulfill these commands.

Since I was young I have had a guilty conscience with my circumstance.  I know I am fortunate from a monetary aspect and that burden is heavy when it comes to my faith.  I write to keep my heart in the right place, focus on the source of these blessings, help others and share in fellowship with all of humanity.


I want to discuss anything and everything about finding a place on this earth, establishing a direction and taking action.

These words will probably mean different things to every person that stumbles across this page. Again, that is OK.

As the theme of the home page states: “Works, Money, Giving & God” I plan to open up on these topics and how to use the things and opportunities that have been given to each and every one of us to benefit the greater good.

Where does it go from there? Let’s find out!


Mark Moore