As of 07-17-2024 there are more than 7.8 Billion people on Earth.
Did you know that in 1960 the population on Earth was just over 3 billion?
The J shaped curve of our growth rate is staggering.


A pace that will no doubt present a number of significant challenges in the coming years.Challenges that will require careful consideration and cooperation.


When considering that we live in a neighborhood of 7 Billion (and counting) it can be easy to downplay our individual significance.

While this rationale is a logical part of our psyche, the challenge is to consider how BIG of impact our individual efforts can make as a whole.

Where do I fit in?

How can I make an impact?

Where can I help others with my abilities?

The answers are going to be different for most of us….

7 Billion & Me takes a look at these questions from a Macro and Micro (Me) perspective.